How ACAXML Generates Your XML Form

How easy is it to use ACAXML?

ACAXML is designed to make creating your ACA return easier than you could've imagined! Read on to see how you can have yours done in five easy steps.

  • Step 1: Sign up with ACAXML
  • Step 2: Securely upload data for unlimited employees under multiple EINs
  • Step 3: ACAXML runs your data through a series of audits & data integrity checks.
  • Step 4: Your 1094 and 1095 Forms are created in the appropriate xml format, ready to be filed
  • Step 5: Upload your ACA return directly to the IRS UI channel

Keep in mind that in order to transmit an ACAXML document and e-file, you'll need to have a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) and Software ID.

ACA Application for TCC

In order to e-file your ACA return with the IRS, you'll need to apply for and receive a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) and Software ID from the IRS.

How to Get Started with AIR

ACA information returns are e-filed through the IRS's ACA Information Return system (AIR) . If you're a software developer, transmitter, or issuer required to file electronically, you'll need to register with the IRS's e-Services and get a TCC.

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How to Apply for a TCC

After registering with e-Services and completing the confirmation process, you'll have access to the ACA Application for TCC. You must complete and submit the application, with the signatures of the Responsible Officials and the PIN they created during the registration process.

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e-file ACA Forms within Minutes

If you’ve already been to the IRS’s AIR system, ready to e-file your ACA return, you may have realized the process isn’t as simple as you might’ve hoped. First, there’s the TCC you need to register for, then the complex test of scenarios you need to pass in order to e-file. And the rejection and correction process is even more complicated, to the point where you’ll have to produce a custom code to retransmit if your file has issues.

As an IRS-authorized transmitter and e-filing software developer, the people who’ve brought you ACAXML can take all these complexities out of ACA e-filing.

Disadvantages of e-filing Yourself

  • The TCC/test scenario process must be re-completed each year.
  • XML export files from outside vendors usually have errors that can be hard to find and fix.
  • Correcting ACA returns requires custom development, and most DIY-filers will require corrections.
  • If your form is rejected and not handled properly, your filing can be left in limbo, causing you fees.
  • Having a 3rd-party fix a filing after an unsuccessful DIY-filing is far more time-consuming and costly.

How Does the ACAXML e-filing Process Work?

Simply upload your Employee Coverage document, we'll interpret your imported data and generate your xml return, then all you have to do is review your return and e-file. Our system will transmit your return directly to the IRS, and we’ll keep you updated with email notifications while the IRS processes your return.